From sea cruise to land cruise: this is the best cruise alternative

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    For a stress-free cruise alternative, your next adventure is waiting just around the corner by travelling to some of New Zealand’s top sightseeing spots by five star, luxury coach.

    Kirra Tours has been operating for more than 50 years. We have been offering holidaymakers unique experiences by operating quality, land cruises. If you want a more relaxed schedule or don’t have time for a long holiday, our carefully curated itineraries are perfect for you.

    Our tours range from 5 to 13 days, so there is always a Kirra premium coach tour that matches your schedule. Our knowledgeable staff has created each itinerary for you down to the last little detail. You will visit must-see highlights of New Zealand and hidden gems that even Kiwis haven’t been to.

    No need to take a long break from your usual routine, your holiday can be as short as five days or as long as you wish. Our team of New Zealand travel specialists can even create a custom-made tour for your group. Take the whole family on holiday or explore New Zealand with your sports mates.

    A Cruise Alternative is Ideal for Solo Travellers

    Many people travel on their own, so taking a tour in the company of couples or their kinfolk is a great way to make new friends. There will be plenty of opportunities for “alone” time or you can join a group and exchange holiday experiences with other seasoned travellers.

    A coach tour is a great way for solos to seek out the prospective company for other upcoming journeys because when you travel with your friends or family, you are less likely to venture out on your own.

    Meeting New People

    If you like to experience meeting new people and still want terrific value for money, then taking a land cruise is the perfect way to travel with confidence in the company of others.

    No bustling crowds as you tour prominent points of interest with plenty of time and freedom to learn about the area and its wildlife and culture. A trip like this allows you to be independent with peace of mind so that you can take in the best of the area you plan to visit while feeling safe and secure.

    Lake Rotoiti in Rotorua - Fraser_Clements
    Create memories and share stories on our amazing NZ coach tours

    Your Best Holiday Ever with a Land Cruise

    A professional, coach driver will chauffeur you through the magnificence of New Zealand’s countryside while in the company of a small group of people. With safety and support on an organised tour, you will explore highlights of your chosen region with features such as picturesque scenery and unusual sights.

    If you want to get away from crowds, yet still experience the historic and cultural locations of one or both of the islands, then look no further. For a different and satisfying kind of holiday, a small group, escorted coach tour nz is perfect for you.

    Seeing Great Sights

    Maybe you want to visit a special sight on your “bucket list’ or see somewhere you bypassed on previous trips. Either way with a cruise alternative, you can have a whirlwind of time touring impressive sights and making new friends.

    Mysterious Moeraki Boulders in Otago - MilesHolden
    See the mysterious Moeraki Boulders on our 13-Day Southern Expedition Tour

    Many personalised, escorted tours consist of couples, friends, and singles. We also specialise in senior couch tours specifically. Whichever type of itinerary you choose, you will have dedicated staff to assist you while travelling in style and comfort to each destination and visiting special places of interest, some of them off the beaten track.

    Plenty of Variety

    By visiting a different location every day, you will see more of the country’s natural beauty in addition to experiencing local attractions, food, and drinks. Imagine discovering some of New Zealand’s little-known spots and having time to browse seldom-seen sights while soaking up the atmosphere. Take part in an exhilarating bush walk, spend some time discovering each exciting locality at your own pace, or linger over a glass of wine with newly made friends.

    Superior Accommodation

    Your overnight stays are in premium rooms in specially selected, quality hotel and boutique accommodation for each leg of the trip. Foodies will love the delicious breakfasts, and the yummy, evening meals the hotels serve.

    Enjoy local food & wine
    Enjoy local food & wine on your NZ land cruise

    With plenty of free time when a meal is not included, adventure seekers can do their own thing by perusing local cafés, restaurants, or souvenir shops. From the day you start your trip until the day you return, you will see lots of thrilling places, make wonderful memories, and have the very best time of your life.

    Experience the comforts of a land cruise

    Excited about trying a land cruise instead of a sea cruise? Browse our range of premium New Zealand tours and find the one that fits your travel plans. Feel free to contact our friendly staff if there are any questions of if more info is needed. We’re looking forward to welcoming you onboard.



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