4 Reasons why you should travel solo next year

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    While travelling is often communicated as a group activity, or at least something you do with another person, nothing quite compares to a New Zealand holiday your own way – no exceptions.

    Imagine waking up to welcome silence. A beautiful view lies outside your bedroom window, as the day’s plans are yours alone to control, without making allowances for the likes and dislikes of others. Any tours you take will be of your choosing, anywhere you eat will follow your appetites, anything you do or pursue is within your control and budget.

    Solo holidays are on the rise, as more people become confident and comfortable traversing new worlds. Although the magic and mystery remain – pictures never do anywhere justice – the internet has delivered constant and accurate information to our fingers

    Need a reason besides you want to or you’ve been thinking about it? We’ve come up with four.

    Self-Discovery Has No Used-By Date

    The older we get, we become certain that we know ourselves. While practised introspection inspires a certain sort of peace, we still don’t know ourselves completely – and we never will, if we don’t continue to take risks.

    Booking a solo New Zealand vacation will enrich your relationships, including the one you have with yourself, allowing you to take the time required to think, experience and enjoy without interruption.

    Connect with the Experience

    Too often, when we travel with friends or family, the constant noise impedes those inexplicable moments – how can you truly take in the majesty of Milford Sound if someone is pulling on your arm or trying to direct your attention this way or that? Travelling by yourself represents more than one kind of freedom; very rarely are you allowed to inhabit a place or create a memory without distraction.

    Do Something Different

    Getting out by your lonesome is not a lonely experience. You’ll meet amazing people while being able to read a book at lunch, enjoying the buzz around you, ordering an extra serve of something you love… guilt-free.

    More than that though, you have an opportunity to do the things you’ve always wanted to do, but had to skip for one reason or another. Anything from bungy jumping in Queenstown, staying aboard a sailboat on Doubtful Sound or a wine-tasting tour around the Hawke’s Bay region. You’re in charge.

    Rotorua Canopy Tours
    Rotorua Canopy Tours

    Make New Friends

    If a solitary escape doesn’t sound like your cup of tea in practice (but amazing on paper), why not meet your imaginings half-way and join a New Zealand coach tour?

    Kirra Tours strike a balance between independent exploration and communal adventure, ensuring you get plenty of time to socialise with interesting people, without sacrificing those must-dos you need to experience for yourself, by yourself.

    Planning a New Zealand adventure? Maybe it’s time to meet new people, experience memorable places or follow your travel dreams? No matter what you decide to do, our Kirra Tours travel specialists will help you every step of the way.

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