Premium Coach Tours in New Zealand

Coach tours that will take you to all the popular spots in New Zealand... And of course, plenty of hidden gems. Let us show you our New Zealand. There's always a perfect tour for you, even if you are short on time.


You will stay at luxury accommodation, handpicked by our team of travel experts,


Our premium small group tours will delight the most discerning traveller.


We have been creating memorable New Zealand experiences since 1968.


See more of New Zealand with our exclusive platinum tour options that allow you to travel the North Island or the South Islands or both for an unforgettable experience.

Our Premium Coach Tours in New Zealand
it's the best and most relaxing way to explore New Zealand

What Travellers Say About Kirra

Kirra is the Specialist in Premium Coach Tours in New Zealand

Kirra Tours, a New Zealand-based company with over 50 years of experience, has been providing memorable holidays to travellers worldwide since 1968. They offer perfectly balanced, fully inclusive itineraries that leave room for personal exploration, ensuring a stress-free vacation.

Differences between the Premium Coach Tour Experience and a Regular Bus Tour

Forget about regular bus tours and their standard buses. They all have basic seating arrangements and minimal amenities. Their focus is more on transportation and getting from A to B as quickly as possible.

On a Kirra Premium Coach Tour, it is all about comfort and luxury. Premium tours use luxury coaches that provide superior comfort, spacious seats, ample legroom, and air conditioning. Our focus is on providing a comfortable and enjoyable journey between destinations. Travelling isn't just about the destination, it is about the whole trip.

Our premium tours offer personalised service, with experienced tour guides providing in-depth knowledge and insights about each destination. There is often a higher level of interaction between the guide and passengers, ensuring a more engaging experience.

Compare that to regular bus tours, which can be quite basic, with limited interaction between the tour guide and passengers. Plus, on a regular bus tour, the group size is much bigger.

On a Kirra Premium Coach Tour, we travel in smaller groups. This will provide a more enjoyable and personal experience. You will really get to know your fellow travellers. That's why a Premium Coach Tour is perfect for solo travellers. Interaction and meeting new people is almost guaranteed!

And last but not least, the accommodation on Premium Coach Tours.  Our premium tours feature carefully selected accommodations that offer superior comfort, excellent amenities, and prime locations.

A premium coach tour in New Zealand provides a more luxurious, personalized, and immersive travel experience compared to a regular bus tour, focusing on comfort, service, and unique activities.

Discover the Unforgettable Kirra Experience

Kirra's tours offer a unique experience by combining luxury 5-star coach travel with train, cruise boat, and water taxi journeys.

Handpicked accommodations provide superior comfort, exceptional amenities, and friendly staff in fantastic locations. Enjoy hearty breakfasts, sumptuous dinners, and speciality dining experiences on their coach tours, while also discovering local bistros, cafes, and restaurants.

Kirra's long-standing relationships with hotels and operators guarantee excellent value for money, giving you access to the best deals on must-see attractions.

With a dedicated team of passionate experts, Kirra Tours ensures you have an unforgettable holiday experience.

Solo travellers can feel comfortable knowing they'll be in the company of like-minded individuals on Kirra's coach tours, providing both independence and companionship as desired.

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