New Zealand Bus Tours for Seniors  

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    As the premier choice for travellers aged 50 and over, our New Zealand bus tours are designed specifically for active seniors allowing you to enjoy a care-free holiday that exceeds your expectations.

    With over five decades of experience, we are dedicated to curating New Zealand bus tours for seniors that showcase the best of New Zealand’s diverse landscape, heritage, and culture. We do all of this with the senior traveller in mind knowing that you are young at heart and crave to explore the world but desire seamless and stress-free travel in comfort.

    That’s why Kirra Tours is a quintessential choice for discerning travellers aged 50 and above. Our New Zealand bus tours are thoughtfully crafted, with your needs at the heart of each one.

    Kirra bus -luxury bus tours for 50+
    Join one of our New Zealand tours to see our spectacular scenery

    The Kirra Tour Difference  

    Traditional escorted tours typically offer little or no amenities and basic seating arrangements, primarily focusing on efficient transportation between destinations.

    A Kirra Premium NZ coach tour emphasises comfort and quality. Utilising luxury coaches equipped with spacious seating, ample legroom, and climate control, our priority is to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey for passengers. We recognise that the travel experience extends beyond reaching the destination.

    Our premium over 50’s tours nz feature experienced tour guides who provide detailed insights about each destination, fostering a more engaging experience for passengers. In contrast, regular New Zealand tours may offer limited interaction between guides and passengers.

    Additionally, our coach tours maintain small group sizes, allowing for a more personalised and intimate experience compared to the larger groups often found on regular bus tours. This setup creates opportunities for genuine connections with like-minded people, making it particularly appealing for solo adventurers. The chance to meet fellow travellers and new friends is a common feature of our Premium Coach Tour.

    Tours around New Zealand for 50+



    Let Us Share Our Home With You

    We are proud to have the privilege to show off Aotearoa with you. Check out our 7 – 17 day tour options.

    We understand what travellers over 50 want to feel, see and do in New Zealand that is why all our seniors multi-day tours have some special ingredients:

    Everything is Arranged

    Planning a New Zealand escorted tour with Kirra is akin to a land cruise, where your only task is to relax and enjoy the journey while we handle all the details. Enjoy touring in our luxury 5-star coaches, and many of our day trips include travel by train, cruise boat, and even water taxi. —everything is seamlessly organised.

    From captivating activities to delicious meals, we ensure every aspect of your journey is meticulously planned. With an array of cultural and sightseeing activities, our small group tours promise excitement, leisure, and adventure in abundance. You can relax soaking up the beauty and awe of Milford Sound and Abel Tasman National Park in the South Island rather than busy planning the next step. That’s the best part of our New Zealand tours for Seniors compared to self-drive travel.

    Senior travel with Kirra

    Superb Accommodation

    After a day filled with exploration and adventure, unwinding in a comfortable, clean room is essential. We meticulously select accommodations on your trip renowned for their superior comfort, exceptional amenities, and prime locations. Each property is chosen with care to ensure your stay is nothing short of perfect.

    Unforgettable Escorted Tour Activities and Adventures

    Our Kirra New Zealand Coach tours for the over 50s redefine the standard for small group tours, offering active seniors unparalleled experiences amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Aotearoa. From immersive Māori cultural experiences featuring traditional Māori cooking to visits to unique destinations like South Island’s Milford Sound, Mount Cook and moonshine museums, our travel itineraries are crafted to surprise and delight. You’ll discover not only the must-see highlights of New Zealand but also exclusive, unforgettable adventures.

    The hongi - 'breath of life'
    The hongi – ‘breath of life’

     Explore Must-See Locations + Off-the-Beaten Track Wonders

    While the South Island’s iconic destinations like Queenstown’s alpine landscapes and Rotorua’s thermal wonders are essential stops, Kirra Tours ventures beyond the ordinary destinations to unveil off-the-beaten-track wonders. Encounter locals, explore picturesque locales without the crowds, and immerse yourself in the authentic heart of New Zealand.

    Bus tours for seniors in Queenstown
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    Fabulous Food

    New Zealand food boasts a bounty of divine ingredients—from free-roaming, grass-fed meats to unparalleled dairy products and fresh seafood. Our New Zealand tours include breakfast each morning, allowing you to savour the flavours of the land. Moreover, ample opportunities abound for culinary exploration, with chances to sample local delicacies at your leisure.

    We are very well known for our world-class wine which almost always goes hand in hand with an amazing location when you visit our wineries.

    Enjoy local new zealand cuisine

    A Perfectly Balanced Itinerary

    At Kirra Tours, we understand the importance of a balanced itinerary. That’s why our escorted coach tours offer visitors a blend of structured activities and free time, allowing you to explore independently, relax, or engage in optional adventures to allow you to soak up more of our New Zealand culture. And our tour guide will ensure you never miss the boat!

    Our small group tours for seniors ensure a great balance of adventure and relaxation. Depending on time and your interests you can choose between our North Island tours starting from Auckland where you can choose to travel with us to either Wellington or Christchurch in the South Island. We also have specific tours of the South Island starting in Christchurch.

    For more information and your perfect journey browse through all of our tour itineraries here.

    Embark on a Journey with Kirra Tours & get the Kirra Advantage

    We offer carefully curated luxury escapes to places that even a lot of Kiwis haven’t been before.

    At Kirra Tours, we have been crafting unforgettable New Zealand experiences since 1968. Our love for this incredible country is showcased through our distinctive itineraries, designed to provide an authentic and immersive journey for seniors through the land’s many wonders.

    All Aboard New Zealand Tours for Seniors with Kirra

    With Kirra Tours, you will enjoy:

    • Must-see destinations & hidden gems. Think of enjoying the stunning beauty of the turquoise waters of our alpine lakes, coupled with a quick trip around many central Otago vineyards one day, followed by witnessing stunning glaciers the next.
    • Premium transport and hotel accommodation
    • Local tour guides with years of experience.
    • Get off the beaten track in the North and South Islands and discover some of New Zealand’s best-kept secrets.
    • Arrive home with lasting memories, new friends & stories of a wonderful trip.
    Enjoy the blue water at Hokitika Gorge
    Enjoy the blue water at Hokitika Gorget

    Senior Travel with Kirra

    Join us on an authentic and immersive journey through New Zealand’s wonders. Our escorted tours for seniors offer a chance to meet like-minded people on a trip through our beautiful country.

    Sample a great selection of our best restaurants, and enjoy New Zealand’s stunning scenery whilst aboard one of our memorable New Zealand tours.

    We’ll show you the best of New Zealand on our Kirra Tours. Start planning today

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