10 Benefits that make an escorted coach holiday your best choice

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    If you are the kind of person who wants to travel but doesn’t want to worry then an escorted coach holiday is just for you. Sit back, relax and soak up all that New Zealand has to offer.

    When you travel with us to some of the best destinations throughout both islands. Here are just a few benefits for why you should choose an escorted coach holiday for your next trip.

    You come first on our escorted coach holidays

    We pride ourselves on taking care of our guests every step of the way. We understand that the best holiday is all about balance. Our meticulously planned coach tour itineraries are the perfect mix. Being fully inclusive for a stress-free experience and with enough time set aside for individual exploration.

    An escorted coach holiday is value for Money

    When you choose to book one of our coach holidays, you can bet that we offer the best value for your money. From the coach tour operators through to the sightseeing operators and hotels, we hold great long-standing relationships. This enables us to pass on great deals to our valued guests.

    Knowledgeable experts

    We have hand-picked the best and the most enthusiastic people for our staff. They share our passion for New Zealand. No matter what escorted coach holiday option you choose you will be dealing with enthusiastic experts from start to finish.

    No worries, a stress-free trip

    You can relax stress-free knowing that everything is organised for you. We will take care of your transport, hotels, sightseeing and food so all you have to do is pack your bag.

    Tour in style

    All our coaches have been chosen to provide our guests with a comfortable travel experience. You will also be able to experience many other forms of transport depending on the coach holiday you choose. Train journeys, ferry, cruise boats and even the optional helicopter.

    Sleep in style

    Your sleep and comfort are important to us, so we have carefully selected properties that only meet our standards, making you feel like your home away from home.

    Food, glorious food

    Dining at Napier Marina, a tasty food destination on an escorted coach holiday
    Dining at Napier Marina, a tasty food destination on an escorted coach holiday

    Start each morning off with a breakfast fit for a king. Or something just to fill the gap, the choice is yours. Our coach holidays provide most of your food throughout your tour. For the nights where dinner isn’t provided, we urge you to explore a variety of local restaurants.

    Like-minded people

    On any given departure, you’ll usually find a mix of couples and friends travelling together. But there are also of people who will be travelling on their own as well.

    One of the great benefits of our escorted coach holidays is that they provide you with the opportunity to meet like-minded people. People who, like you, prefer to travel in a stress-free way, with a little adventure.

    Set departure dates

    All our coach holidays have set departure dates. This will make it easy for you to ensure you can get time away, as well as book flights with certainty that your travel dates won’t unexpectedly change.

    Take it all in on an escorted coach holiday

    Here’s where you do all the work. Sit back, relax, explore and soak up everything!

    Kirra Crew

    Kirra Crew

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