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    There are so many tours, you think, scrolling through our diverse range of potential getaways and special interest coach tours. Who should you travel with? What are you really looking for? These are some great and very common questions. Let’s explore the answers together below.

    The Big Stuff

    Is Variety the Spice You’re Searching For?

    Some New Zealand coach tours begin aboard a train, chugging your way across the countryside, before transferring to a comfortable bus experience… others combine charter flights, New Zealand train journeys and coach tours, trying to get everything in, from every perspective possible.

    By touring by coach travel, we believe our holidays are more relaxing, more consistent and something special. You enjoy authentic experiences through the New Zealand countryside and endless hidden gems along the way. However we do throw a cheeky not to be missed trip on the TransAlpine in as that is a journey not to be missed.

    Small Group Tours are a Must

    People. They’re everywhere, no matter where you go in the world – even Antarctica hosts a roaring tourist trade in winter! But don’t let fear or preferences for quiet time stop you from indulging your time on a New Zealand coach tour for over 50s.

    Luxury coach companies, including Kirra Tours, focus on keeping groups small, ensuring every person receives personal, friendly and five-star service. You come first. Your comfort, your needs and your enjoyment, each holiday with us is a journey into relaxation, as we take care of the details for you – without too many people chatting away around you!

    Private Coach Tours are the Only Way to Travel

    The benefits of New Zealand coach tours that travel in private transport are great. There is that extra level of safety and security as well as convenience. You can relax and enjoy our best destinations without the baggage. When we stop to take photos of Mt Cook or another captivating landscape, your valuables are locked tightly away and you do not have to take everything you own on the sightseeing activities.

    By travelling by private coach we are flexible enough to make the most out of the weather and the local knowledge of our experienced tour guides. You do not have to spend hours in airport lounges worrying your flights may be delayed. And best of all you are not a slave to your GPS as you navigate around a new country. Our guided tours allow you to fully embrace the ultimate escape.

    Are You a Particular Person?

    There’s no greater pleasure in life than the taste of a full-bodied red and the nutty textures of a local New Zealand cheese… if you agree, that finer things are important when you’re thinking about holidays, a carefully designed taste tour is for you.

    World class New Zealand food and drink
    Enjoy world class food and drink on your Kirra coach tour

    Special interest coach tours are beginning to take New Zealand by storm, attracting swathes of foodies by land, air and sea – luckily, Kirra Tours carries a certain amount of exclusivity: whether it’s lunch at a winery or a seafood experience. No driving. No worries. Just eat, drink and be merry, knowing you’ll have somewhere comfortable to stay and an easy lift back to the hotel.

    The Nitty Gritty

    How Long Can You Travel For?

    Not everybody can afford a 20-day getaway – short on time, short on money, maybe you’re already booked out and you just need a break from it all for six days. We can help. Our New Zealand tours give you choices of tour lengths between 5, 7, 9, 10, 13 and 16 days across a range of travel options, with a wide selection of activities and destinations included.

    Who Would You Like to Travel With?

    There’s nothing wrong with striking out and seeing New Zealand as a solo traveller. You don’t need a partner, a friend, a family member or the lady from the Post Office to come with you – coach tour companies like Kirra Tours take care of everyone equally, meaning you’ll get the attention you deserve while meeting new, travel-minded people.

    North or South Island tours? Too many choices?

    There’s no right answer – In many people’s cases, a New Zealand holiday is a once-in-a-lifetime event. We recommend taking the time to fully enjoy the best of what both islands of New Zealand offer on your first journey here. But we will go ahead and say, yes, you should definitely return to New Zealand again and again.

    The North Island boasts beautiful bays, vineyards and the thermal wonder that is Rotorua. Our New Zealand coach tour takes you through beautiful rolling hills, epic volcanic plateaus and sparking sandy beaches. Relax in hot pools next to bubbling geothermal, breathe fresh forest air in many of our national parks and enjoy some city culture in our two biggest cities – Auckland and Wellington. Take a look at our itinerary on our North Island tour

    A South Island tour continues to inspire awe at every turn with the must-do trip to Milford Sound and the glorious Alps. The South Island is the New Zealand adventure island, where you can go whitewater rafting or even a spot of bungy jumping for those of us with some adrenaline to burn. For those of us who enjoy the quieter side of life there are some incredible sights to see. From Abel Tasman’s sparkling seas in the North, whale-watching in Kaikoura in the East, dramatic coastlines and glaciers in the West and the jewels of the island Fiordland in the South.… make your New Zealand vacation work for your travel style.

    Are you ready to get going? Take a look at our range of tours for this season.

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