Why You Shouldn’t Miss Warbirds Over Wanaka

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    Wanaka is known for its snowfields, stunning scenery and water sports – a veritable wonderland of activities and holiday adventures, travellers hardly need another excuse to visit the lush core of the South Island. In case you’re looking for that excuse, or you’re sure you’ve done everything there is to do in the Land of the Long White Cloud, we have a fresh entry for your New Zealand tour plans. Are you ready?

    Planes. But not just any planes, wartime aircraft. Known widely as Warbirds, you’ll be treated to a show of aerial feats of jaw-dropping proportions, including amazing aerobatics and thrilling pyrotechnics. Interested? Let’s find out a little bit more about the world’s most unique air-show and what you’ll see on the 7 Day Warbirds Over Wanaka South Island coach tour.

    Ride in a Warbird

    Get Ready!!!

    Helicopters serve as a valid sightseeing choice across New Zealand, promising all sorts of sights and delights. But have you ever thought about getting some airtime in a Kittyhawk? Maybe a Spitfire? What about a Tiger Moth? There’s something to be said for swapping rotor blades for broad wings. Warbirds Over Wanaka plays host to many aircraft enthusiasts who make their historical winged machines available for spine-tingling rides. Book yours and don’t miss out!

    Houston, No Problem to Report

    Warbirds Over Wanaka has a long-standing relationship with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration – more famously, NASA – treating event goers to informal talks regarding super pressure balloons in Hangar 11. Unmissable!

    Historical Re-Enactments

    Warbirds in Flight

    Grab a snack and wander over to the War Horses area, as New Zealand’s re-enactors display their collection of WW1 and WWII era vehicles, armaments, tanks, jeeps, trucks and guns. Watch as they don their authentic uniforms and launch into a replay of compound life or escaping enemy fire, with big explosions and the rat-a-tat-tat of gunfire. Educational, historical and relevant to the continuing ANZAC legacy.

    They Just Did What?

    Aerobatics makes skydiving look clumsy, as these airborne athletes twist, turn, speed and contort their bodies in mid-air, either by themselves or as a group. Amazing to watch, even from the ground, you’ll be inspired to strap yourself into your own skydiving kit and take a leap of faith into the great blue sky.

    Dare to Be Devilish

    The Crowd Looks On

    Embrace your inner daredevil and act on that shred of aforementioned inspiration – skydiving is not a young-person-only sport. Provided you’re healthy and fit, and you meet the requirements, anybody can do it! Join the Warbirds in the sky over Wanaka and take your first jump in one of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand.
    Relax by the Lake

    Gather your nearest and dearest – sometimes the best spots to sit are a little further from the action. Take a break, get to know your fellow event-goers and speak to some of the veterans in attendance – their first-hand accounts will make Warbirds Over Wanaka come to life.

    Secure your place at the world’s most unique airshow.

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