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    The PurePods luxury accommodation experience is a breathless journey into the New Zealand interior; charming, serene and always beautiful. It’s the kind of stay you pour over on Pinterest or Instagram, wishing you could sink into the private scenery and switch off – no TV, no wifi, no last minute emails or constant demands. Just you, your significant other and a landscape so stunning, you’ll never want to leave. It’s a common line, we know, but New Zealand’s Pure Pods remind visitors of what’s important – creating memories, instead of living moment to moment.

    Let’s take a closer look at these soul-stirring destinations.

    Wait, destinations?

    That’s right, destinations. More than one. Many Pod enthusiasts engage in what we like to call Pod Hopping, spending a few days in each immersive environment before jumping to the next for a whole new view of the world. Opposed to a hotel building with rooms stacked on-top and next to each other, there’s only a very restricted number of Pure Pods at each of the following sites:

    • Kahutara (2.5 hours south of Blenheim; 20 minutes inland from Kaikoura)
    • Manakau (20 minutes inland from Kaikoura)
    • Korimako (90 minutes north-east from Christchurch)
    • Greystone, Waipara (45 minutes north of Christchurch)
    • Pohue (1 hour south of Christchurch)

    Let the sky, the hills, the sea, the bush and the birdsong envelope you as you settle into a cabin with see-through walls and a transparent floor; peace guaranteed in each of the five destinations!

    How does an average check-in and stay play out?

    After slipping your car into a secure car park, you’ll begin your PurePod adventure with a short, 1km walk through the wilds of New Zealand to a luxuriously appointed, transparent cabin. Don’t worry about snakes, spiders or large predators – the Land of the Long White Cloud is safe to traipse on foot. Straight away, you’ll be struck by the privacy and beauty of your chosen locale – each spot is so secret that we only give out the address after a booking has been secured. You’ll be joining an exclusive club of off-the-beaten track travellers! The company recommends that you arrive well ahead of dusk, as there’s no lighted trail to guide your way in the dark, and you’ll find your map to be an essential, as signage is non-existent. It’s truly the middle of nowhere (but the best kind).

    Things to remember:

    • Checking-in is simply parking and unloading an overnight bag or two full of clothes and goodies after 3pm. Don’t feel compelled to drag your suitcase over the tufts of grass and uneven trails – your things are 100% secure in the car. But don’t forget to lock-up!
    • The PurePod experience Is a non-smoking adventure only. Smokers will need to abstain completely for the duration of their stay on the property – one spark can potentially devastate our chosen pristine, rural landscapes.
    • Bring a raincoat and strong walking shoes – the surrounding paths and trails are worth a day or two of quiet exploration.
    • Include entertainment in your essentials – a favourite bottle of bubbly or wine, books, magazines, music (there’s a Bluetooth speaker) and of course, your camera.

    Sounds great so far. What can I expect from the Pod itself?

    Get ready for a sustainable delight, packed full of environmentally friendly trimmings. Everything about the Pod supports a connection between the visitor and the land, from solar LED lighting and electricity, to bio-fuel capable heaters for extra hot water or to take the chill off on a cold, deep night… it’s a guilt-free, personal ‘tech-free holiday (don’t expect to get much phone reception) with all the trimmings.

    What makes PurePods different

    • Each Pod comes with either a telescope for star-seeking or a pair of binoculars for wing-watching.
    • Power plugs… what power plugs? You won’t find one in the Pods, but there is a USB charger, should your phone or USB devices need a boost.
    • Control your holiday soundtrack with a Bluetooth speaker.
    • Zero general tech – no TV, DVD, Wi-Fi, hair-dryer, air con (bring warm clothes in winter) or phone signal. PurePods is all about switching off and kicking connectivity to the edge of your brain. Emergency communications are available, so don’t worry about safety.
    • Speaking of safety, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips, including first aid supplies, a torch, insect repellent and sunscreen.

    What do I do about food and drinks?

    Ah, food. You won’t starve, even in the great outdoors. If you’re not keen on booking a breakfast and dinner package with PurePods, you can always bring your own favourites to store in the fridge. You’ll have access to a cooking hob and outdoor BBQ, along with kitchen basics like pots, pans, plates, cutlery, cups and glasses. There’s even a kettle, teapot and coffee plunger! In addition to these important pieces, you’ll be supplied with teas, coffee, milk, olive oil, sugar and clean drinking water – the rest is up to you. Contact us to learn more about on-site food options and hampers!

    Purple skies at Little River PurePod
    Purple skies at Little River PurePod
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