Top 6 things to do in Queenstown

Every traveller needs a basecamp. A home away from home to rest, recover and chill between each smile-making experience. While relaxation is a forgotten but essential factor in most itineraries, you’ll never be far from the action in Queenstown, as the southern city acts as a natural conduit of adventure. From the heart-stopping Milford Sound and the stomach-dropping Nevis Bungee, to the beauty of nearby Glenorchy or the views from the Skyline Gondola… you better pack an extra camera battery, just in case you miss one of our top 6 things to do in Queenstown.

  1. Funyaks

Beginning in the glorious Glenorchy, the gentle current and a little bit of elbow grease will unveil a New Zealand rarely seen or snapped by anybody via inflatable canoe. This excursion is a must-do, even if you’ve never picked up a paddle before.

  1. White Water Wow-Fest

White-water rafting in Queenstown is something you should do, young, old or unsure. Tours tend to include a scenic drive to start the day, before testing your skills over bumps, dips and rapids, guiding you through surging spots like Pinball, Sequel and Skippers Canyon for those watery thrills and foamy chills you’ve heard all about before.

  1. Out of This Stratosfare
Skyline Gondola

Soak in the New Zealand sights as the Queenstown gondola slides its way along the mountain skyline to the Stratosfare Restaurant, a particularly tasty food destination for those concerned with entrees, buffets and desserts. Views of Coronet Peak and Lake Wakatipu set the scene for a relaxing interlude, as you nibble your way through a 6-course buffet dinner or 4-course buffet lunch. Is the sun still high in the sky? Race your fellow travellers to the bottom of the peak with a fun luge ride to cap off the experience.

  1. Zip Around Queenstown

Do you want to take to the sky without spending up big on a helicopter ride? Board the Skyline Gondola but this time, clip on to one of two zip-line options at the top. The first is fast, fierce and thrilling, while the second is slower, more family friendly, ideal for those who want a few happy snaps along the way. Or, why not do both?

  1. Go to Glenorchy

Although driving may seem like a strange inclusion on this list, the Glenorchy-Queenstown Road is worth a wandering, rolling look, preferably from a vehicle that can stop on demand. Nothing short of beautiful, this slice of Middle Earth is completely camera-worthy and a direct route to your funyak or horse-riding experience. Why not skip the transfer and hire a car, making your own way to the charming little mountain town?

  1. Get Your Geek On

Lord of the Rings will forever be New Zealand’s love letter to the world, displaying the sprawling majesty of the Land of the Long White Cloud for all to see. Swap sealed roads for rocky terrain as a Glenorchy Movie Locations tour takes you off-road, into the depths of Isengard, Lothlorien and the Forest of Amon Hen. Not sure what this all means? Not a worry. It’s a worthwhile trip anyway!

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