3 Reasons You Should Book an Overnight Cruise on Milford or Doubtful Sound

The magic of Milford and Doubtful Sound is difficult to capture with mere words – graceful, glorious, ancient and awe-inspiring, the hallowed cliffs of these prehistoric passages inspire wild imaginings and wide, toothy smiles without changing gear. You’ve probably been told time and time again, you must go, if there’s anything to do near Queenstown, the Sounds are it and you’d be sad to miss out… and they’re right. But these well-meaning givers of travel advice have only seen Milford by day and Doubtful in the morning – very few people consider the appeal of an overnight cruise in either.

Don’t be like everyone else. Here are three reasons a Doubtful Sound overnight cruise or a Milford Sound Overnight cruise is right up your alley.

  1. Once in a Lifetime
Milford Mariner Overnight Cruise

Your lifetime. As we’ve mentioned, not many people snap up the chance to see the Sounds by dusk, twilight and the morning sun, trading this opportunity for a two-hour tour that hit the usual hot-spots… you want more than tourist hot-spots. Both cruises deliver an experience you won’t believe, from watching the dolphins play around the stern come sunrise, to the colours on the cliffs when no tourist boat has touched the water. Simply unmissable.

  1. Wake Up and Dream

Very rarely are you afforded the opportunity to step into a dreamscape, rising from a fitful sleep aboard a safe and secure vessel, and being mystified all over again by the magic that surrounds you. Tuck into breakfast as the sun rises over the waterfalls and breathe in the clean, crisp air – while those who opted for the day tour are tucked into a hotel bed, being greeted by four walls, a door and lots of noise. You’ll never want to leave the serenity behind.

  1. Get the Real Sound Experience
Evening Kayayks on the Doubtful

There’s nothing wrong with the daytime experience most tourists savour when visiting Milford and/or Doubtful Sound… it’s charming, breathtaking and worth it. But and it’s a big but, they won’t see it the same way you will, as your vessel captains encourage you to get out in kayaks or tender boats, digging deep into the secret nooks and crannies only the locals know.

A Few Things to Remember…

  • If you’re eager to spend the night on either Sound, booking ahead is a must. Locking in your place well in advance will ensure you don’t miss out, as the numbers they take on board are few. Potential vessels include the Milford Wanderer, the Milford Mariner and the Fiordland Navigator on Doubtful Sound.
  • Cruises operate September to Mid-May.

Do you want to be spellbound? Do you desire a new experience, beyond the usual guide-book? Maybe you’ve already taken the day tour, but you’ve always dreamed of doing the same at night?

Reach out to our team of knowledgeable New Zealand experts. Chat or email us and we’ll connect you with the right vessel, according to the experience you’re dreaming of – don’t wait.