3 Adventures to Enjoy in Rotorua

Listen up, thrill-seekers! There’s a not-so-new but underrated adventure capital to explore, complete with jaw-dropping attractions and now-or-never activities that will leave you happily breathless. Rotorua has developed a historical reputation, attracting curious fact-finders and scientists in droves – it’s hard to go past a city on the cusp of a geothermal valley. While the stories and lessons of yesterday are engaging, the verdant surrounds deliver adventure after adventure, satiating extreme appetites with ease. Unsure? Make New Zealand travel a breeze and note down these three Rotorua experiences.

Get Lost in the Treetops

Walk amongst the Trees  (credit: homepage)

No Rotorua holiday is complete without a trek through the treetops, as the Redwood Treewalk transports willing visitors to another world, where native birds rule the branches. Stalk twenty-three suspension bridges, leisurely pausing on one of the many eco-friendly living decks – it’s a guilt-free tour, as each apparatus has been designed to adapt, changing with the fragile forest eco-system. Serene and a little bit heart-pumping in places (unless you’re totally okay with heights), take the course at your own pace, discovering a different side of New Zealand.

  • Fun Fact: The Redwood Treewalk is a world record holder, spanning 533 metres between 22 towering, 100-year old Redwoods. /li>
  • Something Different: Ditch daytime antics and settle in for a twilight experience, as walkers enjoy the Redwood Forest from dusk until late via Redwood Nightlights.
  • Cost Per Person: $25 NZD adult/ $15 NZD child/ family and senior packages available.

Velocity Valley

The Freefall (credit: homepage)

Bungy, flips and tricks, Velocity Valley is the original home of giddy spills on the North Island. If you’re into slow, ambling experiences, this isn’t the place for you; adrenaline junkies aim for speed on the Shweeb (a human-powered monorail racetrack – every bit as awesome as it sounds); strap into the Rotorua Bungy; and sweep the earth on the Swoop, breaking speeds of 130km/ph. Hungry for more? Try the Freefall Xtreme wind tunnel or airbag biking – you’ll be able to freestyle over ramps without worrying about risk or broken bones!

  • Fun Fact: The Argojet is the fastest jet sprint experience in New Zealand, breaking 100km/ph and 3 Gs of pure force.
  • Need to Know: Each ride has its own height minimum.
  • Cost Per Person: Do Two – $73.91 NZD/ Go for Four – $112.17 NZD/ The Famous Five – $190.43 NZD

White Water Wonder

Rafting down the Kaituna (credit: homepage)

Take a nerve-testing tour of Rotorua’s white-water river system – churning rapids, big dips and diving course changes abound on these grade 4 and 5 beauties, as your experienced guide helps you take on waterfalls and speedy sections with confident aplomb. You won’t get too specific about what to expect, as there are a few suppliers available in the Rotorua area – your best bet? Call the crew at Relaxing Journeys and work with us to identify which vendor meets the extreme imagining you’ve been harbouring. We’ll soon have you on your way down the river!

  • Fun Fact: You’ll have the opportunity – should you want it – to raft a 7m high waterfall! Go big or go home.
  • Something Different: If rapids aren’t quite your thing, sledging is growing in popularity, combining speed and river exploration.
  • Cost Per Person: Prices begin at $109 NZD

Rearing to savour the sights of Rotorua? We can get you there. Contact Kirra Tours today and kick off your North Island adventure holiday.