5 Highlights of our 18 Day New Zealand Panorama Escorted Coach Tour

You’ve been researching New Zealand coach tours for a while, and they’ve captured your imagination long enough to tease out a conversation or two with your nearest and dearest. Should you go? When should you go? What should you pack, and what should you look for in a tour? While you can find the answers to those questions here we’d like to take you through the experience in brief detail, using the 18 Day New Zealand Panorama to illustrate why the Land of the Long White Cloud is for you.

It’s a popular word, experience. With Kirra Tours, an experience is defined by the unrivalled sights, pleasing sounds, unforgettable flavours and crisp, clean smells of the New Zealand landscape, unfolding before your eyes, ears and nose. Sit back and relax with a cooling cup of tea – we’re about to dive into the very best of our two island coach tours.

  1. The Memory Trail
The TranzAlpine

Some would say 15-day New Zealand coach tours are boring and long, but then again, they’ve never travelled with us. We’ve filled our Panorama Tour with iconic sights like the Hole in the Rock tour; the skyline of Rotorua; and the towering spire of the Auckland Skytower during our city stop. Is your stomach rumbling for an authentic feast? You’ll be treated to a traditional Maori hangi, before boarding the TranzAlpine train to sample South Island delights… and, we’ve included much, much more, but these few things will spur your imagination forward.

  1. Rainbow Springs

You’ve seen the Kiwi bird before, on stamps, books, coins and television shows. Shy and generally secretive, the treasure of New Zealand’s fauna doesn’t like people very much, hiding its long bill and feathered body in the dense foliage of Rainbow Springs. And yet… every traveller should try their eye at spotting this little fellow, serenaded by more forthcoming birds, high (or low) in the canopy. Let’s find the Kiwi bird together.

  1. All Aboard the Steamer
The TSS Earnslaw

The TSS Earnslaw is a historical witness to Queenstown’s beauty, conveying passengers across and around Lake Wakatipu with sure aplomb and a degree of quiet regal authority. You’ll be invited onboard to explore its many rooms, including the gallery and steam room, before disembarking at Walter Peak for a sumptuous BBQ lunch, courtesy of the Colonel’s Homestead Restaurant. Satisfy your cravings with a dish or two of local produce, before enjoying a Walter Peak High Country Farm demonstration, or take a turn around the gorgeous lakeside gardens.

  1. Walk the Streets of Napier

Napier deals in quiet delights, allowing its local architecture to speak volumes about the prevailing character – optimistic, vibrant and unapologetic. A walking tour will introduce you to the history of the area, including the 1931 earthquake, the resulting fire and a city that rose again, exemplifying a combination of Spanish Mission, Stripped Classical and Art Deco building styles. A true treat for the eyes.

  1. See the World with Sir Edmund Hillary
The Telescope at The Sir Edmund Hillary Centre

The Sir Edmund Hillary Centre celebrates and recognises the contribution of Sir Edmund Hillary, showcasing the Aoraki Mount Cook region in all of its glory via a 126 seat custom theater/digital planetarium. Experience the night sky; go on an adventure with Hillary or discover the magical Mt Cook… the choice is yours.