New Zealand Self-Drive Tours for Seniors

What are you doing next week? Babysitting the grandkids? Enjoying a quiet dinner? Running errands, seeing friends and making the most of your retirement? While you’ve left the work/life balance juggling act behind, don’t squash the travel bug. Embrace it. If you’re uncertain about where to start or what to look for, we’ve created a short cheat sheet to identify the best New Zealand self-drive trips for seniors.

What Do You Want/Need/Desire in a Self-Drive Holiday

Having Some Fun!!

The buck stops with you. Before booking an Aotearoa self-drive tour, write down a list of things you’d love to do, off the top of your head. Next, identify general interests – like wine, food, hiking, history and fishing – jotting down each possibility in a new column. Last, call Kirra Tours and work with our professional travel planners to create an individualised itinerary for you or adjust an existing one to meet your specific needs. We’ll take care of the nitty-gritty like car hire, accommodation, route lengths and any special requests – including mobility and dietary specifics – ensuring you get a bucket-list holiday.

What to Look for When Booking

Catch the Tram?

Shopping around can be confusing. If you’re not sold on Kirra Tours quite yet, no problem, we’re still here to help. Assessing a potential travel company is like scoping out a new bank – to ensure you’re receiving a competitive deal, you need to understand the product before you sign on the dotted line. Reputation and free-time take out third and fourth on the essential components table – following itinerary flexibility and comprehensive service, as explained above. Why? Because most companies tend to over-book your schedule, filling your days with things you don’t necessarily want to do, in order to make it seem like they’re invested in your enjoyment. Balancing time-out from scheduled proceedings with pre-arranged activities is a tried and tested formula for the perfect New Zealand self-drive holiday.

Things to Note Once You’ve Arrived

Caterpillar Garden Tour Christchurch

Compared to Australia, New Zealand is positively miniscule. Although we wouldn’t recommend driving the length of the Land of the Long White Cloud in two days, although it is possible, it will take around 31 hours total from Bluff to Cape Regina. Now that we have the size expectations under control, let’s talk about distance. Your itinerary may say you have a five-hour drive from A to B, and it’s not lying, but – and it’s a big but – you’ll want to stop along the way, potentially every hour. New Zealand is beautiful, littered with picturesque pull-outs perfect for parking the car and immersing your senses in the wilderness around you.

Don’t rob yourself of these moments. Work with your travel planner to ensure you don’t miss a thing along the road, but still arrive at your excursion meet-up point on time… most operators will not wait for you, or refund your money for simple miscalculations or delays.

Are you ready to pack your bags, and see the world beyond your backdoor-step? Contact Kirra Tours today and self-drive New Zealand your way.