Anapai Beach

The 8 best secluded beaches of New Zealand

When one travels to New Zealand you don’t normally think of sandy beaches. Instead, you think about mountains, snow and glaciers. As an island country, New Zealand in fact has many secluded beaches and is surrounded by pristine coastlines!

1. New Chums Beach

New Chums Beach (Wainuiototo) is along the Coromandel Peninsula and is only accessible by making a trek through the bush or via a short boat ride. Because of its limited accessibility, it is a relatively untouched paradise. Picture yourself amongst golden sand and lush green forest with the turquoise water at your toes.

New Chums Beach
Have you beed to this secluded beach in New Zealand: New Chums Beach?

2. Tapotupotu Bay

The northernmost beach in New Zealand is Tapotupotu Bay near Cape Reinga. A spot that is famous for the point at which the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean collide, a spectacular phenomenon, where the stunning white sand borders the green headlands.

3. Maketu Beach

The Bay of Plenty showcases many beaches. Maketu Beach is believed to be the beach where Maori first stepped ashore on their canoes. Located about 30 kilometres from the well-known Mount Maunganui, it is a fantastic spot for windsurfing, kayaking, fishing or simply just relaxing.

Maketu Beach, the secluded beach the beach where Maori first stepped ashore
Maketu Beach, the secluded beach the beach where Maori first stepped ashore

4. Waipiro Bay

If you want to experience the most amazing sunrise, head to Waipiro Bay, located approximately 200 kilometres from Auckland. Be one of the few to see and capture the sunrise there.  Why not see last light as well in Hokianga! Watch the orange glow of the sun as it sets over the Hokianga Harbour in Northland.

5. Awanah Beach

Awanah Beach on the Great Barrier Island, 100 kilometres from Auckland. It is the perfect spot for those avid surfers. Set in a cove surrounded by greenery, it is a surfer’s secret spot.

Awanah Beach, another amazing and secluded beach
Awanah Beach, another amazing and secluded beach

6. Paraparaumu Beach

Another sensational spot to see the magnificent sunset is at Paraparaumu Beach along the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington. Lined with the famous West Coast black sand, a stunning contrast to the beaches on the East Coast.

7. Anapai Beach, a remote, secluded beach

Within the Abel Tasman National Park at the top of the South Island lies the secluded Anapai Beach. It is only accessible by boat or hiking. After all, this national park is known for its stunning bushwalks so what better way to make your way to Anapai.

Anapai Beach, which is only accessible by boat or hiking
Anapai Beach, which is only accessible by boat or hiking

8. Black Pebble Beach

Black Pebble Beach near Kaikoura as the name suggests is not the typical golden sandy beach that comes to mind first when we talk about secluded beaches. The black pebbles add a completely new character to what a spectacular beach can be opposed to the golden sand twinkling with aqua coloured waters most people see when thinking about a beach.

There are many secluded beaches in New Zealand just waiting for you to explore them! Contact Kirra Tours today!