Have you considered a New Zealand Cycling Adventure?

Picture this. Rolling, sheep-dotted hills giving away to rugged, snow-capped peaks, as you lean into a gradual corner and let the wheels do the work; afternoons on the move, mornings by the lake, evenings under the stars and a holiday you’ll never forget, cycling New Zealand.

It sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Surfing the divide between adventure, sight-seeing and comfort, cycle touring New Zealand is the new way to see the North and South Islands… even if you’re not fit already. While we recommend a little existing get-up-and-go, there’s a diverse list of cycle trails on offer, ranging from half and full-day tours to longer cross-country routes. New Zealand mountain bike tours belong in every itinerary… why? Let us explain.


Anyone Can Do It

Bike Riding in Queenstown

We do mean anybody. Trade Tour de France for a tour de force of your own design, sweeping across the landscape at a FitBit friendly speed. You don’t need to be in training for the Olympics or a gym junkie bursting to translate stationary bikes skills to the twists and turns of our many vineyards – all you need is an active soul and the ability to ride a bike. New Zealand cycling tours may test you – it’s true – but the result is worth the exam.


Change Your Holiday Gear

HobbitonSwitching speeds from self-drive or chartered bus to a self-powered two-wheeler can feel like a mean, impossible feat at first… but this is how New Zealand is supposed to be seen. Up close, open-air and extremely personal, as you experience each landscape so completely, it will be difficult not to stop and take pictures every ten minutes. It’s hard to describe the level of detail vehicle commuters miss – cycling New Zealand is the difference between seeing a new world and feeling it, witnessing even the subtlest changes.


Shorties but Goodies

Otago Rail Trail

Not every New Zealand mountain biking excursion needs to be a big one – it’s more than valid to line up a lot of little ones along the way, mixing up the best of both worlds and giving your body a break as you drive to the next destination. Be inspired by our three favourites and start planning your pedal adventure:
Wine: On Yer Bike Winery Tour – Hastings, Hawkes Bay Region
Wilderness: Alps to Ocean – 6 days
Wonder: Otago Central Rail Trail – 5 days


The Long Way Around

Keen for a New Zealand cycling adventure that exceeds a 1-day span, spending overnight or every night with your newfound touring friends and a bike at your side? We’re happy to deliver a few ideas in that direction.
Wine: Hawke’s Bay Trails – 1 to 4 days
Wilderness: The Motu Trails – Eastland, North Island
Wonder: Tasman’s Great Taste Trail


Food and Adventure

Bike the Vineyards

Fresh out of winsome thoughts for our wine, wonder and wilderness suggestions? How do you feel about food? Thrills? Adventure? Here are a few more excuses to bike New Zealand:
Food: Gourmet Bike Tour – Christchurch
Thrills: High Country Motorbike Tour – Christchurch to Queenstown
Adventure: Fat Tyre Mountain Biking Adventures – Queenstown

Are you ready to pick your pedals off the pavement? To find out more about some of the cycling experiences we offer check out our New Zealand Independent Travel Guide or speak to one of our New Zealand Specialists for our full range of options.