New Zealand Car Rental Self-Drives

Discover remarkable New Zealand at your own pace, travelling our highways and byways through some of the world’s most magnificent landscapes.

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New Zealand Self Drives

Whether you are eager to explore our major cities, iconic tourist attractions, pristine coastlines, distinctive alpine country, fjords or glaciers, Kirra has the perfect itinerary for any self-drive adventure.

Let us send you off on a journey like no other, with the freedom to holiday your own way and the reassurance of easy-to-follow tour maps and pre-planned accommodation.

Why self-drive by car in New Zealand?

If you love the independence of travelling at your own rate and making stops as the impulse takes you, a self-drive vacation is for you. New Zealand small in size, but jam packed with sights and attractions - perfect for travel by car. We will take care of your accommodation needs, leaving you only the task of immersing yourself in our stunning scenery and world-class visitor experiences.

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