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Interislander Ferry

By Air or by Sea, which way should you cross Cook Strait?

By Kirra Crew / 21 August 2017

South to north, north to south, crossing the Cook Strait can be as easy as stepping onto the New Zealand ferry and watching the white boats bobbing in Wellington harbour, as your strait-faring vessel slowly carries you to all new adventures. To say there’s only one way, however, is inaccurate, as an alternative, open-air journey […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Miss Warbirds Over Wanaka

By Kirra Crew / 8 August 2017

Wanaka is known for its snowfields, stunning scenery and water sports – a veritable wonderland of activities and holiday adventures, travellers hardly need another excuse to visit the lush core of the South Island. In case you’re looking for that excuse, or you’re sure you’ve done everything there is to do in the Land of […]

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A Unique New Zealand Luxury Yacht Experience to be Savoured…

By Kirra Crew / 8 August 2017

Have you been dreaming of a holiday that combines road adventures and sea escapades, without the hassle of driving all day or dealing with large, crowded cruise ships? It sounds contradictory, a near impossible order in a world of compromises, but Kirra Tours doesn’t believe in trading your satisfaction for something that sort of, maybe […]

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Luxury Lodges in New Zealand

By Kirra Crew / 6 July 2017

Comfort, class and beauty… no matter where you stay in New Zealand, the experience comes with a spectacular view. Visitors from all over the globe flock to the white-sheet bed and breakfasts, lodges and boutique hideaways speckling the North and South Islands, trading in the familiarity of home for something entirely unforgettable. They say New […]

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