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Kia pai tō rā

Anapai Beach

The 8 best secluded beaches of New Zealand

By Kirra Crew / 13 December 2020

When one travels to New Zealand you don’t normally think of sandy beaches. Instead, you think about mountains, snow and glaciers. As an island country, New Zealand in fact has many secluded beaches and is surrounded by pristine coastlines!

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10 Benefits that make an escorted coach holiday your best choice

By Kirra Crew / 26 November 2020

If you are the kind of person who wants to travel but doesn’t want to worry then an escorted coach holiday is just for you. Sit back, relax and soak up all that New Zealand has to offer.

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The hongi - 'breath of life'

You’re never too old to travel and to explore New Zealand

By Kirra Crew / 25 November 2020

You’ve been dreaming of an adventure out of the ordinary? Travelling the world in your mind between a growing list of errands and appointments? Now is the time to turn these dreams into a reality. No one is too old to travel.

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Rotorua Canopy Tours

3 Amazing adventures for thrillseekers to enjoy in Rotorua

By Kirra Crew / 23 November 2020

Listen up, thrill-seekers! There’s a not-so-new but underrated adventure capital to explore. Complete with jaw-dropping attractions and now-or-never activities that will leave you happily breathless.

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A Visitor’s Guide to Te Reo Māori

By Kirra Crew / 13 September 2019

From the greetings when you first touch down (‘kia ora’ or ‘hello’) to place names such as Aotearoa (‘Land of the long white cloud’ a.k.a. New Zealand) to a national anthem sung in two languages, Te Reo Māori (the Māori language) is a part of everyday life in New Zealand. It is not as widely […]

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Luxury NZ Stays: Spotlight on PurePods

By Kirra Crew / 21 June 2018

The PurePods luxury accommodation experience is a breathless journey into the New Zealand interior; charming, serene and always beautiful. It’s the kind of stay you pour over on Pinterest or Instagram, wishing you could sink into the private scenery and switch off – no TV, no wifi, no last minute emails or constant demands. Just […]

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Attraction Spotlight: Exploring Waitomo Glowworm Caves

By Kirra Crew / 25 May 2018

No north island New Zealand holiday is complete without a visit to the famous and altogether fabulous Waitomo Glowworm Caves, tucked away in a verdant valley 204km south of Auckland or 139km south west of Rotorua. The serenity of the region will leave you breathless with wonder and excited for the underground escapade ahead. So, […]

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Have You Tasted Your Way Along the Great New Zealand Wine Trail?

By Kirra Crew / 4 December 2017

When was the last time you spoiled your tastebuds with wine, cheese and ocean-fresh seafood, taking each day as it comes, lapping up a long, well-deserved holiday? You can’t remember? Not for a while? Never? Our New Zealand wine tours are perfect for travellers who need to treat themselves ASAP – rain or shine, these […]

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Amisfield Winery

Experience New Zealand Winter Wonderland Next Year

By Kirra Crew / 24 October 2017

What will you be doing next July? Preparing your tax receipts? Snuggling up with a cup of coffee and a middle-of-the-road TV show? Wishing you could be anywhere but dreary old home, doing the same things you always do? Next winter could be different. Very different. Nine days of snow, sun and South Island fun, […]

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Must Book in Advance New Zealand Cruise Shore Excursions

By Kirra Crew / 21 August 2017

You’ve settled into your stateroom, slept onboard overnight and savoured the deluxe delights of sea life… you’re in heaven. But the pleasures and leisure time of cruising isn’t limited to the chair spangled decks and formal dinner affairs. Get out, see the sights and find out more about New Zealand! You’ve nailed down which New […]

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